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Philip Yan

Chief Experience Designer
GenesisXD Inc.
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As founder and chief experience designer of GenesisXD Inc., Philip connects the dots between brand, experience design and technology. Prior to running his own business with a focus on branding and marketing communications over 20 years ago, Philip had worked for award-winning studios as senior designer and design director. His strategic consultation has proven success in many turnkey initiatives for financial and educational institutions, health care organizations, and not-for-profits.

Philip has led the GenesisXD team to cofound social enterprises to employ persons with barriers to employment, including Red Propeller and KLINK® Coffee.

Integrating faith at work is Philip’s priority in his career decisions. While studying at Tyndale (formerly OTS) after OCAD U, it became clear that God called him to serve as a designer. Over the years Philip’s storytelling through creatives keeps evolving with his increasing engagement in social innovation and ministry.

To Philip, work is mission.


Michelle Chiu

Communications Coordinator
OMF International - Canada

Michelle is the Communications Coordinator for the Canadian national office of OMF International (or perhaps better known as "the Hudson Taylor people"). She is passionate about telling stories of God at work among East Asians and using a variety of mediums to mobilize the church to be on mission everywhere God calls them. Outside of OMF, she loves exploring the ways God calls her to be a witness in every sphere of interest: video games, cycling, gardening, Bible study, and her MoveIn patch.

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Roy Eyre

President of Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada
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Roy Eyre is president of Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada. He claims both Toronto and Atlanta as home. After he and Becky joined Wycliffe in 1997, Roy designed Wycliffe’s Word Alive magazine in Calgary, Alberta before moving into administration and leadership development in Orlando, Florida for a decade. In 2011, he returned to Calgary to lead Wycliffe Canada. Roy is a design thinker, student of leadership, amateur futurist, blogger and father of three.