(including medical professionals, relief work, community health, mental health)

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Jessie Paul

MoveIn Vision Team and Registered Nurse

Jessie Paul serves on the MoveIn Vision Team in global mobilization, speaking engagements and partnerships. Jessie and her husband, Nigel (MoveIn's Founder and Director), live in a low-income east-Toronto neighbourhood where they’ve lived for over 9 years. They were joined last year by their son, Courage, who they are smitten with! They have been planting a home church in their community for 9 years and have been privileged to see many neighbours give their lives to Christ. In addition to working for MoveIn, Jessie works part-time as a cardiology nurse in a Toronto hospital. One of Jessie's favourite things to do is spend time with kids and youth in her neighbourhood.

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Physician and Counselor

Alice’s transformative encounter with Christ in medical school instilled a powerful desire to share God’s unbounded grace and love. After finishing family medicine training, she served 26 years in Asia, mostly in north China with a group that seeks to be salt and light, using professional skills and building long-term relationships in the community. Alice did clinical work and community health, mentored medical professionals, and helped cross-cultural workers to flourish in their host countries. She is now based in Toronto, caring for parents, counseling and supervising counselors, and coaching and mentoring international workers. Alice’s passion is to help others to discover and live out the fullness of their lives, and to know Christ, the source of that life.

Alice loves sharing meals with friends, cycling, hiking, advocating for green practices and ethical medical policies and being challenged in playing Scrabble (not necessarily in that order!).

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Dr. Paul Zung

Dentist at CAMH

Growing up, I never gave much thought to any connection between mental health and dental health. But after 32 years as the senior dentist at a psychiatric hospital (now CAMH) I see that the connection between these two aspects of a person's well-being reveal much about one’s beliefs, self-esteem, discipline, and habitual response to the anticipation of pain and pleasure. From my involvement in clinical care, I also find fertile ground to explore my life long fascination: the interface between psychology and spirituality, which has been informed by my studies in counselling at Tyndale Seminary. I love teaching students whether they be at the hospital or at church and in them, I put much hope that a legacy of caregiving will pass to another generation.

My family consists of my wife, 4 grown children, 2 elderly parents and one in-law, a dog, and a rabbit. Habitual delights? Tennis, badminton, and singing broadway musicals.

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Melissa Chacko

Emergency room physician

Melissa Chacko works as an emergency room physician in downtown Toronto, serving a unique cross-section of this city’s diverse social strata. In her work, she is challenged to provide compassionate and critical care to all, including the marginalized and the powerful, and both the physically and mentally ill. Her work has led her to reflect on the reality of suffering and pain in our world, and the redemptive healing and mercy offered in Christ. Melissa studied and trained in Chicago and Los Angeles. When Melissa is not in the ER, she is at home nurturing her sweet and boisterous son with her faithful husband, Tim. To Melissa, living called means living with the purpose of glorifying Christ in all circumstances.