(including primary, secondary, post-secondary, ESL, public school board)

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Brian Lim

High School Physics Teacher
Church Social Justice and Environmental Stewardship Educator

A physics and general science teacher at a public arts-focus high school in Toronto. A former research scientist in medical imaging at Princess Margaret Hospital. A writer of social justice and environmental stewardship discussion resources for Canadian Baptist Ministries. An English teacher who served 3 stints in creative access countries. A volunteer tutor for Regent Park’s Pathways to Education. Science and teaching are two of my passions which I have the privilege of combining as vocation, something of which Parker J. Palmer writes: “This is something I can’t not do, for reasons I’m unable to explain to anyone else and don’t fully understand myself but that are nonetheless compelling.” In this vocation, I have experienced much joy in trying to bear witness to the good news of God’s Kingdom as a follower of Jesus and seeking do all things “ad majorem dei gloriam” (to the greater glory of God).

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Ruth Mullen

Sr. Training Manager
FaithTech Toronto City Director


Ruth Mullen is the Sr. Training Manager and the City Director for FaithTech Toronto. She is a certified teacher and currently works at Tutor Doctor, an in-home tutoring franchise, training and developing new franchise owners as the brand expands. Ruth is passionate about God's strategy in the workplace and growing and developing leaders. Ruth is also a history nerd and has a lot of useless facts about pockets, the pyramids, and the Vikings.

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Chez Johnson

Teacher, Aspiring World Traveller, Mission Hub Mobilizer
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Chez’s earliest role models were Anne Shirley, Laura Ingalls, and Christie, so she was practically bound to be a teacher. Chez studied secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan, and transitioned to teaching adult ESL when she moved to Toronto. Teaching has opened up doors for Chez to be in various regions of Asia and Africa.The classroom has always looked like a place of endless possibilities to her. Chez loves contemplating how Jesus is the greatest teacher, and following Him into her vocation. 

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Nick Reaburn

Science Teacher at secular private school in toronto

Nick is a high school math and science teacher at a secular private school in Toronto. He became a teacher, completing a Masters of teaching at McGill University, after working for three years as a mechanical engineer. Nick was also a missionary for two years at Black Forest Academy, teaching middle school French, PE and Math. Teaching is Nick's passion, especially helping students of all backgrounds enjoy math and science and empowering young women to go into STEM fields.

He is also an elder at Knox Toronto and a junior high Bible study teacher.

Nick has three energetic kids aged five and under and is married to a pastor, which means he and his wife never sleep and basically live at church on the weekends.