Accounting and Finance


Don Edwards

Executive Director, Investment Advisor

Don is a pilot, a frequent traveler, a proud dad, and a wood-fired pizza enthusiast. He has been married to Amy since 1989, and their home is a hub of activity for their four children and a steady stream of guests. In addition to his family, Don’s passions include flying an antique (1948) Aeronca Sedan floatplane, mentoring small businesses in the poorest regions of the globe, and serving as a board member for numerous charities.

Don has started, led and sold numerous businesses. In 2007, Don learned of an international fund which is focused on economic and social development throughout the poorest regions of the world. He now serves as a business mentor and coach for small, like-minded business owners and investors held by the fund. As pressing needs of businesses and their employees are uncovered, Don helps to coordinate a global team of professionals to bring intellectual, technical and financial solutions to support sustainability, growth and holistic transformational impact within these businesses.

Kenneth Wong.jpg

Kenneth Wong

Senior Manager, Finance and Operations
Effect:hope (The leprosy Mission Canada)

I am an accounting professional who is excited about making a difference. I have worked in the missions context, public accounting, and now I manage the finances and operations at an international NGO. I am deeply passionate about serving neglected populations in our city and globally.

Fun fact: I am a cat person. 


Stephen Bond

In a professional context I serve as a Senior Partner & Business Analyst to a firm which provides software as a service to manage credit, capital, risk & liquidity for banks and brokers in Canada & the US; In this role I provide subject matter expertise on the various types of business conducted in the capital markets and their associated regulatory backgrounds, management of a critical set of customer relationships & a team within the organization, as well as contributing to the executive level management of the business.

Apart from the profession context I’m a husband, a father of two little girls, a leader of a community group, an administrator of community groups in my local church, and a sinner saved by the grace of God.


Jo Fung

Investment Operations

Jo works with fund managers in a Bay Street firm. Majority of her tasks begin after investment decisions are made by the fund managers. In this fast pace and zero-mistakes-tolerance environment, Jo is grateful that Jesus has carried her through day by day, storms after storms.

Jo has a heart for the Japanese, and she has been to rural Japan for short missions number of times. She is currently preparing to be equipped to serve in ministry.

Fun fact: I run into at least one Japanese everyday